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PostHeaderIcon Working With Angels

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PostHeaderIcon Ow!

Sorry everyone… it's been a little quiet on the blogging front for me lately.  It's weeks ago now that I thought I'd injured my left shoulder.  Had to be the left one… I'm left handed!  But the doc tells me that it's osteo arthritis.  Not the best news I've received.  Won't bore you with the details, but it's meant that typing is painful until treatment helps.  No research, no writing, no posts.  So, forgive my absence while this gets better.

In the meantime, while you're here, why not have a roam around.  Check down the left hand column for the complimentary audios under "Listen" and the "Download a Free Copy" area.   There's lots to check out and a whole lot of help available in "Your Journey".

Was feeling a bit "down."  This picture cheered me up no end.  You'd agree???


I'll keep this short… typing with one hand doesn't encourage long messages.  I hope your year has started just the way you wanted it to. 

Christine R.


Success is getting what you want.  Happiness is wanting what you get.
Dale Carnegie


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PostHeaderIcon Setting Goals For 2013…

You know… in a sense it's a bit of a relief that the Christmas/New Year period is over.  It was great to catch up with family and friends; exchanging good wishes and gifts (quite a lot of which have headed straight for my hips!) but it's back to sanity and "normalness" now, and that's good.  

I usually use this first month of the year to take a good, hard look at what I'm expecting from the rest of it.  Do you do this too?  Well, a few days ago I came across a great plan from Gemma Battenbough that just might help both of us.  It's "7 Days/7 Ways To Set A Goal".

So if you're of like mind and want to clearly identify and plan what 2013 is going to mean for you… you get to start this tomorrow.  Yes, from Monday 21st January, how about taking some time for yourself for this next week to help make 2013 your best year ever.  Here we go…  grab a pen and paper, or a Word.doc.  Get ready for…

Monday – Think big.  Visualize your future in three areas – finance, family and health.  How much do you want to earn this year (you can include next year and so on)?  What lifestyle do you want for you and your family?  What does perfect health look like?

Tuesday –  Think quickly.  What are your three most important goals in life right now?  You only have 30 seconds to give your answers.  How are they different from yesterfay?  What you wrote down on Monday?  They are probably a more acurate picture of what you truly want from life.

Wednesday – Wirte it down.  If you haven't already.  Your goals should be clear, specific, detailed and measurable.  Make each goal positive, not negative.  Rather than writing "I won't miss any more gym sessions".  Instead write "I'll exercise three times a week".  You get the picture.  Apply this to each of your goals.

Thursday – Set dealines.   If your goal is for better fitness, register yourself for a race.  If it's for weight loss, plan an event for which you want to look glamorous.  If one of your goals is a big one, setting sub-deadlines will help you to minimise procrastination and make sure you do it.

Friday – Troubleshoot.  Identify the obstacles that have prevented you from achieving your goals in the past, then work out how you can overcome each obstacle one by one.  What skills and knowledge will you need to acquire to get there?

Saturday – Make a plan.  Organize your goals into a series of steps.  Aim to achieve one thing each day towards your goal – it could be as simple as taking a healthy snack to work, trying a new machine at the gym or getting to bed an hour earlier. (Or make a plan towards asking the boss for that raise you deserve).

Sunday – Write an affirmation for each of your goals.  Describe the goal in the present as if you've achieved it.  Keep it positive, for example "Today, I'm fit and healthy".  Say the affirmation five times every morning to keep the goal in your mind for the day ahead.  

More than one goal?  Good for you.  Write an affirmation for each and just set a different time of the day to repeat it.

You know, you deserve the little bit of time doing this whole exercise will take.  When you look back at 2013, I'm sure that you'll understand just what this plan, these goals, achieved for you this year.  Don't forget to get started again early 2014… with a whole set of new plans and goals.  

Here's to a great year for all of us.

Christine R.

"You see, in life, lots of people know what to do, but few people actually do what they know.  Knowing is not enough!  You must take action."  Anthony Robbins


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PostHeaderIcon Will Your New Year Resolutions Last?

Making new year resolutions!  How many times have we all made resolutions for the new year – and given up almost immediately?  How familiar is that?    So, here's a helping hand for 2013.  Could be that these five tips just might help you succeed this time.

1.  Select and define your goals…
If you're trying to change your behaviour in some way, decide in advance what it is that you're going to achieve… and stick to it.  In fact… write it down and use it as an affirmation.  For example, you might set yourself an exercise goal of five days a week.  Perhaps a three drink limit on a night out.  Or allow yourself just one chocolate bar a week.  Don't kid yourself that "just one less" or "just one more" won't make a difference.  It will.

2.  Go Cold Turkey for a time… 
Stop the behaviour you're trying to change, altogether, temporarily.  Say you decide to abstain from caffeine,  alcohol or chocolate for four weeks as a start to your new year resolutions.  Doing this makes it much easier to moderate your intake in the future as it helps break that instinctive, habitual activity.

3.  Stop and think…
In that moment when the temptation appears – and it will – pause before you act.  Go do something else, or tell yourself again the reasons why you're trying to abstain or change.  Focus on the positive benefits that this change will bring to you.  Wait five minutes.  By then, the craving will probably have passed.

4.  Reward Yourself…
As each weekly and monthly milestone that you've set for your new year resolutions passes, and you've remained true to your goals, treat yourself to something special… and leave the guilt at home!  You deserve it.  Focus on what you have already achieved - success breeds success. If you slip up, don't punish yourself or use it as a reason to give up altogether (that's the "I just can't do this" excuse).  Just start again immediately. 

5. Choose Your Friends Wisely…
We tend to imitate the actions we experience around us.  If your current friends are all engaging in the negative behaviours you're trying to steer clear of, how would it be if you remove yourself from temptation, for a while at least?  Why not surround yourself with positive people whose attitudes towards life inspire you?

Realise that it's going to be hard at first.  These might be habits and behaviours that you've been indulging in for years!  Just decide that you can do this… then get on and do it.  Ready?  Grab a pen and paper and set those new year resolutions now.  Have a wonderful 2013.  May it bring you everything you're wishing for.  Good luck.


P.S.  Check the last post "A Merry Christmas Gift" before the last tick of 2012 when it expires.  Don't want you to miss out.


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PostHeaderIcon A Merry Christmas Gift

I thought long and hard about a suitable Christmas Gift for the much-appreciated regular visitors to this site.  And realised that what would suit one lovely person, perhaps wouldn't suit another.  So I hope you like the idea I eventually came up with. See below.


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PostHeaderIcon The Law of Attraction… Not Working?

Are you having a problem with making The Law of Attraction work for you?   If that's so, it's really important to become aware of the things which are blocking your ability to attract what it is that you want.  Focusing on what you want for a few minutes a day is not enough to deeply attract.   Let me tell you a quick story – what happened to me recently.

It's a few months ago now since I mentioned this blog, to a close acquaintance.  Let's call him Brian (not his real name but he has given me permission to talk to you about his story).   Brian had checked out the site and then this week gave me a call asking, “How can I get the law of attraction to work for me fast?”  
He mentioned that he was in trouble; had lost his job shortly after we last talked and had been unsuccessful so far in finding another.  He also admitted he was now behind in his mortgage payments and had no family locally to turn to.  I could feel his nervousness and anxiety and understood that he was willing to try just about anything to get his life back on track.  
He kept saying, “I have applied the law of attraction and I've been working on it for weeks now, but it’s just not happening for me. Why is it not working for me?"  After quite a chat we discovered an important key factor that I was sure had a lot to do with him being unsuccessful with the law of attraction.
One question I asked him which came as a surprise to him was, “How do you spend your free time?  When you're not job hunting or looking after your home?”  To his mind, his free time hadn’t anything to do with applying the law of attraction.  He told me of his best friend who had been home sick for nearly a year and had not been working.  The two of them were spending quite a bit of time together talking about life and all the frustrations that came with being out of work.  
He didn't seem to realize that while engaging in his friends frustrations he was also locking himself into the same sort of "attraction" as his friend.    When I mentioned that he had been focusing a lot of attention on his lack of money and lack of work and that this could be causing his failed efforts in gaining results with the law of attraction, he told me that he visualizes what he wants everyday for at least five minutes.  
Brian clearly didn't understand the science behind the law of attraction which is, that the greater amount of focus to anything, would determine his attraction.  Since he spent only five minutes or so on what he did desire, but a good part of the rest of his day on the things he didn't want… he continued to get more of what he didn't want. 
He didn't seem to understand that it didn't matter if he was just talking about it with his friend or watching negative news about employment rates, etc., on television and being filled with anxiety as he talked about it or watched, it was all an "attraction".
“So how do I focus more on something that isn't there yet?”   "Surround yourself by it", I told him.  "Since you're not working and you want to attract more money and a better life, spend more of your time with people who are happy with what they are doing.  People whose lives are on track.  People who are positive".  
"Reduce the time you see and speak of the things which remind you of lack of money and failure.  In fact, try to limit the time you spend with that friend… not for good; only until you can make the changes that you want.  The law of attraction will reward you for it".
To successfully apply the law of attraction it takes pre-creating what you want.  That simply means that you must first energize yourself to the same level of the thing you want to attract in your life.  Sometimes that also means cutting out the people or places that are in opposition to what you want to have; those people or experiences that you find negative.  
To help Brian get back on track, I persuaded him to accept a copy of Rebecca Stuarts' "Discover The Law of Attraction".  He didn't want to take it at first, but I told him he could send me something for it out of his first pay packet in his new job.  And then I thought about how close it is to Christmas and how many other people are also struggling with applying the Law of Attraction.  
So here's an early Christmas Gift for you.  Go take a good look at DiscoverTheLawofAttraction and if you believe it could help you, don't buy it from the site… come back here and click this link for a full 50% off.
I thought Rebecca's price was unbelievably good value to start with, but with the 50% off that she's been good enough to make available to readers, that reduces it to just $18.50 for 30 eBooks that show you literally step by step how to have The Law of Attraction work for you… and heaps of bonuses including "The Path to Positive Thinking", "Taking Personal Responsibility" and "Achieving Happiness" to name a few.
But you're going to have to be quick.  Rebecca's offering this for just 7 days.  22 November the discount disappears.  Check it out here.   Then click here for access to that massive 50% discount.  Superb product.  Would make a terrific early Christmas gift for yourself.  Or is there someone you know that "Discover The Law of Attraction" would help?  Let them know…before the deadline.  Or simply click on the buttons below to share it with your friends.
Christine R.
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PostHeaderIcon Missing In Action… Setting Up Videos

Sorry everyone.  I really don't know where the time goes.  My only excuse for neglecting you is the new site that Neil and I have been working on.   It's called (if you want to check it out, it will open a new page so you don't loose this one).

It's so much easier to take instruction from someone showing you how to do something on a video… rather than reading about it.  Would you agree?  We've collected a stack of videos over the past couple of years, on all sorts of internet marketing subjects including traffic and SEO, list building and blogging, etc.  So, we're gradually adding them to the new site.   It's an enjoyable job because as we're checking out the videos (watching them) to make sure that they're good enough for the site, we've found we've been learning too.  That's always good.

Check out the site if you've got a minute.  So you'll know where to head when you've got questions!

Also been having a few conversations with someone about the Law of Attraction and his complaint that it's not working for him.  Back soon, with his permission, to talk about that.

Christine R

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PostHeaderIcon Free Recipes… “Candies, Chocolates, Fudges… And More!”

Looking forward to Halloween?  It's not as big a deal here in Australia as it seems to be in other countries.  But that's no reason not to enjoy the fun!

And that means treats!  Yes?  So… rambling through the recipes that I've been collecting for years… and years… brought back heaps of fond memories.  If you'd like to share in a few, I've put more than three hundred of those recipes into a new eBook "Candies, Chocolates, Fudges… And More!" and I'd like to share it with you.

For a free direct download that will have you heading to the kitchen to make your own Halloween treats, simply decide where you're going to save your new recipe book on your computer and click on the image you see below.


300+ free candy, chocolate and fudge recipes

There's also a licence included for you to sell this book or, if you wish, simply give a copy to your friends and family.  Happy cooking.  Have a great Halloween.  And don't forget this free recipe book when you're getting ready for Christmas too.

Christine R.

P.S.  Would love to know which of the recipes you've made and enjoyed.


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PostHeaderIcon It’s Spring!

It's true!  Down here in the southern hemisphere… it's springtime.  My favourite time of year.  It's the balmy days and slightly cool nights; the huge blue skies and the first spring flower fragrances in the air.  What's not to love!

Let me share a couple of favourite springtime sayings and a poem…

"It's spring fever.  That is what the name of it is.  And when you've got it, you want – oh, you don't quite know what it is you do want, but it just fairly makes your heart ache, you want it so!"   ~Mark Twain
"The day the Lord created hope was probably the same day he created Spring".  ~Bern Williams
"Spring"   A poem by  Karla Kuskin
I’m shouting
I’m singing
I’m swinging through trees
I’m winging skyhigh
With the buzzing black bees.
I’m the sun
I’m the moon
I’m the dew on the rose.
I’m a rabbit
Whose habit
Is twitching his nose.
I’m lively
I’m lovely
I’m kicking my heels.
I’m crying “Come Dance”
To the fresh water eels.
I’m racing through meadows
Without any coat
I’m a gamboling lamb
I’m a light leaping goat
I’m a bud
I’m a bloom
I’m a dove on the wing.
I’m running on rooftops
And welcoming spring!

And lastly… from my favourite funnyman…  Spring is nature's way of saying, "Let's party!"  ~Robin Williams.  And isn't that the truth!

Happy springtime to you.
Christine R.


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PostHeaderIcon Making Money Online…

If you're one of the many, looking to the internet for making money online or a new career, there's a helping hand at  And no, there's no cost to you to access it.

Neil and I have amassed so much internet information in the last ten years… and already made all the mistakes that online newbies do!  So, we thought we'd put together a series of new eBooks to assist other internet entrepreneurs.

Our new TheNewbiesVault website already has quite a few eBooks and reports, ready for free download, including "Internet Survival Guide", "Internet Marketing Kickstart", "The Top 10 Internet Marketing Pitfalls", "Time Management For Entrepreneurs", "Blogging Profits Unleashed", "26 Reasons That People Buy", "Building A Marketing List For Newbies", "Free Traffic… Marketing Report" and there are more on the way.

"10 Roads To $10K A Month Online", "Better Business Planning", "Essential Twitter Preplanning" and "Twitter Basics For Internet Marketers" are in the final stages of research right now.

No… I'm serious… there's no cost whatsoever.  Once you get to the site, just click on the appropriate link to access the download directly.   Perhaps set up a folder to keep them all together?

Why are we doing this?  Well, apart from really wanting to see you succeed online, Neil and I are hoping that once you see first hand the quality of our products, you'll not only tell other people, but be happy to check out some of the great products that we do have for sale. 

But that's down the track.  Go ahead.  Check out the site for yourself.  Download the info that you're interested in.  Or all of them, because we've included a licence allowing you to give them away or use them for bonuses with your own products.  If you've got more questions before you start downloading, head here for the answers.

Don't make all the mistakes that we did.  Each of these eBooks or reports has the latest information that will help you get started online… promise!  Click here to go to the Vault or enter into your browser.

Love to hear what you think of the site and the info.  And good luck with your online business.

Christine R.


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